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VP of Operations


Rick Tupper is a 37 year veteran in the hospitality industry with leadership roles in three different brands ranging from full service hotels, limit service hotels and extended stay hotels. A graduate of Washington State University with a BA degree in Hospitality Business Management he spent most of his time in Washington growing up. 


He is a Masters swimmer and swims for the Lake Washington Masters Swim Team. A senior hospitality executive with more than 33 years with Marriott Hotels that includes 25 years in executive rolls and 22 years of General Manager experience.  He worked in 9 different hotels in 8 different cities learning every aspect of a hotel operation.

Rick’s industry recognition is garnered from his ability to empower people, promote organizational learning, define core values and create a shared vision.  He was a recipient of the J.W. Marriott Award of Excellence in 1996.  This is the highest honor awarded to individuals that demonstrate over a period of time the traits of achievement, character, dedication, effort and perseverance.

Rick completed training from the Myer Briggs Institute in Santa Ana, CA and is MBTI Certified.  He became an Executive Coach through Coaching Works Inc. in San Rafael, CA.  He also attended the Aspen Institute in Queenstown, MD


Rick’s leadership extends beyond the hospitality industry as demonstrated through his involvement in local organizations.  He held the position of assistant scout master and scout master during his involvement towards his son achieving the Eagle Scout rank.  He is actively involved with the WSU School of Hospitality Business Management Advisory Board.  He has held the position of President for the Bellevue Hotel Association for the last 6 years and has been a board member for the Bellevue Downtown Association for 5 years.  He was active in 3 boards during his tenure in Redmond Washington.  He also sat on the Executive Board for Samena Swim and Recreation club for 2 years.

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